4 Apps We’re Looking For To Use

As tech users and lovers – what would we be without it? – we’re curating each week through the App Store to come up with the best apps you could ever download. Indeed, let’s face the truth: your device can only contain the apps you’re constantly reaching out for. The ones you need continuously, either for work, or just in case you want your life to get much easier. Scrolling through the Play store I came up with the 5 apps we’re looking to add on our mobile device interface – or how I like to call it, the modern interface savior.

Connections – Connections is an Android-only app that lets you add detailed information about a contact and set a reminder for it. You can use it to keep track of your contacts or any informations that you might need when this person is calling you. It’s intuitive since a pop up screen will appear, and you’ll be able to handle the next connection.

Available on Google Play Store

Font Candy – If you’re a creative, you constantly reach out to competitors’ work on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat right? Either way, there’s an app out there that’s going to make your designer work so much cooler – and you’ll be able to create intricate designs with symbols, or add clever captions to your photos.

Available on Itunes 

4 Apps We're Looking For To Use4 Apps We're Looking For To Use

Paper – Paper is an app that is described as the way to connect sketches and notes. Have you ever feel like you wanted to annotate your Pinterest boards? For designers, developers had found a way to provide this, and Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you. Users experience is always the main feature we’re constantly have in mind, and here you’ll be able to create checklists, notes and clarify your photos, the details with notes. Don’t overthink, it’s just a must-have.

Available on Itunes

Posyt – Posyt is the best way to meet relevant people. Swiping right or left has just been applied to everything. It’s the latest to make use of the UI and it might be the best one. It’s all about sharing ideas. So you can toss your ideas anonymously and the app will spread the idea to those who might like it. If someone find interest in your concept, who knows what’s coming out of this new connection? It’s such a simple way to build connections, and we all know that getting connected is the new way of meeting your next business partner.

Available on Itunes

Here are the ones we’ve been scrolling through recently. Would you mind sharing yours?

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