Guide to: How to be the best UI/UX designer (Part 2)

Essentially, in the first grid of this column, we explained that design isn’t only visuals, but it’s mostly about the person, the designer, a creative mind.

As you may have realized, we’re all about creativity and handing you a guide for you to be the best UI/UX designer is currently a mission we’ve been assigned. As designers, those peeps are listeners and observers.¬†Great designers are curious and first and foremost, they observe, take notice and share their ideas. Good designers are also listeners, since they’re able to listen to others and make sure that a product encounters every aspects the client is expecting, considering they’re willing to spend their money on. Besides the creative traits a designer should present, some are completely technicals, and as such, you should know them. Read on to be the best designer UI/UX.

#1 Ability to visualize solutions

A designer is a creative thinking person, and as such, it’s the way of looking at problems and situations from a fresh point of view and perspective. As such he’s going to pitch some creative and new solutions.

#2 Knowledge of existing and new tech prototyping

Besides being a creative person, a designer should know his/her craft beyond anything. Any client who’s going to approach you is going to ask you hundred of questions about the final design, and you should always take into account the final vision of the product he’s a vision of. Furthermore, here’s the reason why you should have knowledge of existing and new tech prototyping: it’s an industry where improvement is always on the movement.

#3 Visual communication

You may be a web/application designer, the work is made not only through your models, but it’s also something resulting from a group and team session. As we mentioned, ability to visualize solutions from a fresh point of view is key. Indeed, you’re hired because of your skills and due to your creativeness right? Do good usage of it, and find a way to communicate with your team and your client, in a way that would be equally understandable.

Best designer

#4 Page layout and composition

Presenting your work in a professional manner whilst still showing creativity is how you’re going to visually communicate your concept to others. What about the interface? It’s mainly the communication tool between a product and its user. It can be through hardware or software – you have to make the product understandable.

#5 Understand programs

Design is a real challenge, but when you’re starting to visualize your application, the challenge is to design the exact product your client has come up with. Even if you’re not a programmer, knowing how to think about the program is one thing, but knowing how to put programs together in a way for you to understand their functionalities and then, being able to modify it, is another important key you should develop. Indeed, bad design makes your program inflexible to future changes, or impossible to understand afterwards. As you’re the creative person, you should also be able to modify, integrate, test and whatsoever, improve your product.

As a designer, you’re following methods, and it’s going to allow you to create amazing projects. Obviously, besides creativity, and as we already been keen on to mention in the first degree of this paper, a designer answered through 5 crucial steps:¬†research, ideation, prototyping, iteration, and presentation. It all come through what we’ve said above. So, would you add something else?

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