Guide to: How to be the best UI/UX designer

“Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications.” –Dave McClure 

A gorgeous app with no UX improvements isn’t a gorgeous app. Little reminders, design is more than aesthetics. Above all, it’s a specific idea at which the designer will apply a specific method. It’s a way for you to solve chaotic problems reaching out to creative skills. So as such, to design the best app you’ve ever handed your users, some clarity should be enlightened regarding required qualities a good designer should use working.

Creativity and passion

This is what makes a person a good designer. Being able to look at problems in a different perspective and suggesting new solutions unheard before. A designer have some drawing skills and it serves as an ability to communicate your thoughts through accurate sketches in situation where talking is not enough. Designers are also quite passionate people: they have at heart the effectiveness of the product and its main focus on how the end user will interact with the product.

Open mind

As a designer it’s crucial to have some communications skills – accurately express your ideas and concepts to people is key. Open-minded people are more receptive to the concept of team work. The ability to work effectively in a group is essential – all design projects are done in teams of people with different skills, knowledge and creative minds.

Attention to details

The final solution you’re working hard for should be quite the best you want to hand over the final user of your app. Instinct and intuition are powerful and it’s important to trust them. Details is completely the bottom line of your inner aesthetics skills. Knowing what makes a design attractive and eye-catching creates a more appealing design. A product first apparence is the first thing the user will notice. All the point in designing a good interference is creating the connections between human to his mobile device.

Moreover, get in touch with your potentials users and they will give the feedbacks you need in order for you to design the best appealing product. Get out there and explore competitive products in the same market. Another key would be to check your competitors thriving not in your market.


Share, read and explore

All businesses are build from scratch, but as it can be understood, research and understanding of your target market, for who you’re designing the app will help you to create and design the best final solution. You want this solution to be effective, useful and obviously appropriate.

Think different

Being authentic is your #1 skill and most powerful asset you have. Your individuality is what makes you unique. Start shouting your ideas and stop underestimate yourself. Your ideas should be heard out there, because they might be something your team could find interest into. Besides, improving your craft as much as you can is crucial. Innovation is thinking outside the box. Innovation is thinking is not enough.

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