Never Ending Awesomeness

How would you like it if people said that you are an o.k or maybe a good person? Pretty mellow, isn’t it? I mean, why not be great, or aim even higher to an awesome level. That way, who wouldn’t want to be around you?

Whether you are a designer or own a product, you should aim for the same target – make your product awesome – Product’s success is your responsibility.

By now, most people have at least heard about UX and its importance to the product – whether an app, a system or a website. How does it happen? Many promising articles boast headlines such as “Increase your website conversion by 20%”, or “1 million downloads a week”.

So what is the secret weapon of UX/UI? Is it a process just for big businesses, can small ones benefit from it? There is no magic here. Yes with the help of ux/ui design you can increase conversion even more than 20%, and your app will get many downloads, but first we need to understand how UX/UI can help us to get there and where it ends.

The process

When starting a new project, we begin with a research to better understand our target audience, the product’s needs, and learn about the market and our competitors. Sometimes we miss one of the most important aspects – the end goal. UX/UI designers and clients should first determine their objectives and the strategy to gain them. People intent to get in the process, change flows, navigations and sometimes get lost and dissipate. The objectives are the guides and help us focus.

After understanding the goals, and who are the users, it’s easier to design an engaging product.

Easier, but our work just begun, and we still have a long way ahead. With the insights from the research we begin designing the wireframes of screens and flows while considering different usability heuristics (such as conventions, user control, feedback, consistency, recognition and efficiency of use) accessibility, utility, satisfaction with the product, design, performance and more.

We are done

Congrats, now you have a great product out there. As a designer you are proud to have completed the UX/UI design process and. Well that’s not all folks, you remember we talked about an awesome product? You have done all right, but UX/UI strategy never ends. In order for a product to continue growing and really succeed, today or in years time, it’s important to keep researching and changing, redisigning making user testing or eye tracking. Sometimes even rechanging the product’s objectives a bit. Times are changing, technology is fast evolving, users change and so the product should too. What is considered modern today, will not stay so in years time. And remember, users always find new experiences, new challenges and you are expected to stay ahead of the curve.

Easier said than done, I know. But exciting for us designers. Your never ending passion that forces you to evolve either as a product developer or a UX/UI professional.

Now, I’d say that this is worthy and fulfilling experience, isn’t it?

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