• Branding

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  • Development

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Every business needs to get its own identity. A shape or an icon that everyone will recognize. A color that is immediately associated with the business. That’s why our designers focus on shaping several concepts that best fit your business, later narrowing it down to one concept that is fine-tuned until reaching a perfect result.

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UX Design

User Experience

A good user experience is built of many factors: an easy-to-understand interface, an intuitive flow – but equally important – an innovative experience that gets the user excited and engaged. Our UX team will find that extra factor that is suited for your target audience to make your product unique and unforgettable.

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UI Design

User Interface

People judge an app by its cover – that’s why we believe that the great user experience we create has to be followed by an even greater design. We will create several design concepts perfectly fit for your brand. After choosing a concept, it will be applied to all the screens of the app and gathered to one UI Specification Document. This document contains all the UX and UI for the product explained in detail, for a perfect implantation by the development team.

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Weather you need a Native iOS or Android app, mobile website or front end solution, admin panel or server (or a full end to end solution – “all included”), our team of experienced and professional developers will deliver a state of the art products, using the most advanced and suitable techniques for every requirement. We offer flexible services either as a dedicated team built especially for your needs or by using our “commando” team of experts on demand.


code review

Code Review

Whether you’re a software development manager or a programmer in the trenches, you may be ignoring the tremendous benefits of code reviews, or code inspections, at your own peril. When done correctly, peer reviews save time, streamlining the development process upfront and drastically reducing the amount of work required later of Quality Assurance teams.



Product testing is a serious thing, and we treat it as such. That’s why we offer QA services for all the aspects of the development – from user experience behavior to code management. Running well scripted and documented tests requires knowledge, experience, clear procedures and significant amount of time and patience. We are more than willing to take it on us…




The starting point of every idea is to do an extensive research of the target market and competition. Learning the field and defining the relevant personas will help us build a strategy best for your business and your clients. The research conducted will ensure we deliver an innovative product tailored fit for your users.


To translate a concept and strategy into a working product, we need to define not only what is going to be placed on the screen, but also how we place it. Building wireframes of the hierarchies and user flows is the core of every prototype. After the base is built, we move on, screen by screen, to create an engaging, fun and natural user experience, perfectly fit for the target market and the strategy defined.


After the prototype is built, we bring the wireframe to life and turn it into a beautiful, polished product. We create design languages for you to choose from, which include choosing the right color palette, choosing fonts and defining design guidelines for each design concept. After the design is finalized, a detailed specification document is made for the development team.


Our team of experts knows everything there is to know about Android, iOS and Web development, and will know how to create your product using the newest features and technologies out there. Whether you want a responsive website, an IoT interface or anything else – our team will know how to get you the best result.


We won't rest until your product it perfectly polished. Our QA team got her hands full of all kinds of devices, making sure your product will look great and work seamlessly anywhere, any time.


Time to get your app on air! Our team will guide you all along the way and make sure your app is live on the air.