The GreenIQ App controls the Smart Garden Hub product, allowing irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, garden monitoring and control. The Smart Garden Hub saves up to 50% on the outdoor water consumption, diagrams the user can look into using the app. #UX­UI #Design #Android #iOS #Server Side



When working on GreenIQ, we put an emphasis on creating flow and learning curve easy and intuitive as can be, focusing on providing the sense of control to the user. The application is very intuitive, pleasant and allows the user to control the irrigation system at home, and get immediate information at any time without any effort.
We also brought up attention in maintaining the design and branding language from other platforms.



What guided us when we started to think about the design of GreenIQ, was the importance of keeping it simple and practical, yet adding a fresh look which strengthens the essence of the application­ Having a fresh garden.
We kept it clean and simple, allowing the user to focus the apps’ activities and actions, maintaining a tailor made warm experience using photos, and creating programs.


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