Young Engineers

is an enrichment program using LEGO brick kits to teach kids in the ages of 4-14 theoretical and practical basics of Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology. The tablet app is designed to guide the kids on how to build and learn, using their kit.

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Young Engineers Challenge 1

Make Learning Fun

Kids study all morning at school, and after that they come home and do their homework. Learning takes up a lot of their time, and it can get overwhelming to attend an after-school enrichment program and study some more. Our job is to make this learning different – have the kids experience the learning process as a fun and playful activity, while they gain new skills and develop new directions of thought.

Young Engineers Challenge 2

Large Age Range

The app is designed for kids ages 4-14. This age range is very large when referring to kids – a 4 year old and a 14 year old don’t have much in common. The age range will be a major challenge to deal with when wireframing and designing – the app should be playful, project “FUN” and be accessible to young kids. On the other hand, the app needs to take in consideration the older kids and avoid childishness.

Young Engineers Challenge 3


The lessons taught in the tablet app require cognitive effort and may cause frustration if the user fails to complete the task. Our goal is make the instructions as simple as possible and to guide the user step by step until the mission is complete.


One of our main challenges was to make the app accessible to young kids who haven’t learned yet how to read and write. To overcome the text required in a standard log-in process, we decided to use “Color Code” instead of a regular password. Once the user typed in his color code, the app shows the user a photo of his teacher and asks if this is their teacher to confirm the color code is correct.

An additional problem that came up was the quiz at the end of the lesson. Since some of our users can’t read yet, we added a button that reads the question and the possible answers to the user out loud. This way the user can still take the quiz even without knowing literacy.

Another challenge was to assist the user in the learning process and to make it as simple as possible. We divided each lesson into stages that are clearly organized, when in every stage the user can rotate the image 360 degrees for a full view.

Young Engineers - Wireframe

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UI Elements

Young Engineers - Elements
Young Engineers - Half Screen


Young Engineers is being used by kid in the ages between 4 to 14, one of the difficulties we faced when building the visual language was the need to appeal to middle school kids while still being 100% clear for the younger ages who can’t read. the final design uses physical world items that the kids meet on their everyday life, by using large and colourful buttons and icons we made the interface simple enough even for the youngest among our test group.

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