4 Apps We’re Looking For To Use

As tech users and lovers – what would we be without it? – we’re curating each week through the App Store to come up with the best apps you could ever download. Indeed, let’s face the truth: your device can only contain the apps you’re constantly reaching out for. The ones you need continuously, either for work, or just in case you want your life to get much easier. Scrolling through the Play store I came up with the 5 apps we’re looking to add on our mobile device interface – or how I like to call it, the modern interface savior. Continue reading “4 Apps We’re Looking For To Use”

5 Startup Common Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

As entrepreneurs, we all have been through the hard process of starting our business. Among those who have been successful, some have might encounter some failures. Sure, they won’t spread the word out there, but what if as a startup you could avoid them? Continue reading “5 Startup Common Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them”