The Guide to Israeli StartUps accelerators

1. To join or not to join?
Belief that’s a great tool for meeting Are you focus on the product? Did you develop a marketing strategy? How are you regarding investors relations?

2. Self discipline, focus and support
The most important part of an accelerator, besides the opportunity to get support from a mentor and the possibility for you to raise money, you’re able to share a space for a pretty low amount of money. Switching from a coffee place – and we all know, there are cool coffee spots in Tel Aviv, all providing fast wifi – to a shared space, where you can share with people at the same stage will turn your day in a much better joyful one. Sharing a space is also the best way to make sure you really work harder on the achievement of your business goal. Your team will be able to have some mutual brainstorming with all the others entrepreneurs. Advantages, such as mutual brainstorming session, problem sharing, self discipline, focus, support and solution sharing, are to consider.

3. Accelerators give tools
These advantages can help any startup, but you need to remember that being accepted to an accelerator, raising funds and releasing your product is pretty long and full of obstacles.

Of course, accelerators are giving startups tools since they provide space, connections, leads, but the tools don’t make the startup growing. It’s the CEO’s job, and the accelerator won’t provide growth without work.

4. Learn to consider flexibility
You’re only at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. One thing that is quite important is keep hearing other’s opinions. You might also consider seriously your mentor’s recommendation and opinion. Indeed, their experience can save you valuable time and efforts.

5. Feeling is part of success
Being part of an accelerator will give you the opportunity to raise money and create awareness and connections. Only some of you will succeed in raising money and move forward when graduating from an accelerator, and some won’t.

Real entrepreneurs won’t let failure stand in their way to success, so keep trying.
Israel value persistence. Some investors prefer to invest in entrepreneurs that failed before and try again, because they learned along the way.

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Build yours in the “Startup Nation”

Before we dive into the different options that are available for you, young entrepreneurs, you should know that all the programs aim mainly israeli entrepreneurs, but most of them will welcome foreign teams that want to build their start up here. The only requirement for you to apply to any of those entreprenariat program would be your physical presence in Israel, and that you vow to attend all the sessions related to the program.

Let’s start with something basic.

Shared space, workspace

Workspace, n.m: A collaborative workspace or shared workspace is an inter-connected environment in which all the participants in dispersed locations can access and interact with each other just as inside a single entity.

In the tech bubble, many of them thrived and as guide of your steps in this jungle, we all may start with the most known and valuable of your attention.

The Hub

It’s said to be THE shared workspace for environmental and social entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv. This program offers an all inclusive package (office space, wifi, copy machine, coffee, a shared meeting space and access to a rooftop for events). You can add to this package some special services such as professional assistance as lawyers, accountants, social marketing and business plan writing – we all need those kind of valuable entries.

The Hub was definitely the first place that offered help and other solutions for young entrepreneurs.

Cost: 150 Nis per day, and 1400 Nis per month (accordingly 350$ or 280€)

The Hub

The Junction

Sponsored by and Israeli VC firm – Genesis Partners – located in the south of Tel Aviv, it’s a specific program that will help entrepreneurs to develop their start up and provide all the help you may need to thrive into this whole new world of entreprenariat.

It works like a program with limited time (3 months per class, which is called a wave).

Only requirement: dedication of 10% of your time to help other teams sitting in the space with them. In return, they enjoy the help and experience of others entrepreneurs and teams.

Every thursday: open event where industry experts come and share their experience and knowledge. Also, are present other mentors including previous wave alumnus.

What is the main benefit? Here it’s being closed to Genesis Partners and their partners, which are veterans in the field of entreprenariat. According to the stats of the Junction, 112 teams have been graduated and 53 have been funded after they graduated from the Junction.

Cost: 200 Nis per month (50$ or 40€)

The Junction

StartUp city

It’s a new founded and operated program by Asaf Vigdor. This program offers the usual suspect services along networking and industry connections, which cannot be thrown out, to foreign investors.
Cost: 150 Nis per day. 6900 Nis for 6 months (1725 $ or 1380), and it depends on the plan you choose and the stage your startup is in.

StartUp City

We Work

Their mission is to build beautiful, shared workspace where you can be a part of a thriving community of entrepreneurs. What does an office space include? Furniture, super fast internet, conference room time, coffee, print and copies unlimited scanning machine. A plus is the WeWork member network, because let’s face it, without networking skills, everything sounds much more difficult for a young entrepreneur.

As a plus, there are the WeWork Events where you can meet and connect with like-minded people and established companies at our weekly and monthly events.
Cost: 1400 Nis (350$ or 300)


We’ve covered the main one that are worth your attention, but there are many more. Eventually, you may prefer enrolling into an entrepreneurship program. What is this?

Entrepreneurship Programs

8200 EISP

Never heard of this legend of a unit in the Israeli army?

The 8200 unit is where many entrepreneurs, such as Gil Schweid, CEO of CheckPoint, Shlomo Kremer, one of the founder of Checkpoint, have done their classes. This program isn’t just for 8200 graduates, and they accept, not only the internet/ mobile field projects, but also ventures from the cleantech, biotech and hardware space.

Program: 5 months of meetups and main focus is the 13-day bootcamp where you get intensive training and mentorship from the top industry experts.

Plus: located in Bat Yam (15 min from Tel Aviv center)

Cost: 500 Nis per person (125$ or 100)

Final result: You’ll be able to attend a Demo Day and present your start up to a large group of investors including top israeli Vcs.

The Hive by Gvahim

This program has been developed for foreigners making Aliya. It includes lectures and mentoring, working space in the center of Tel Aviv (Maze st). It may be particular since one of the member of the team should be a foreigner, ole hadash to be able to apply to this program. It lasts 6 months and the advantage is there’s no fees. While you’re free of fees, the management team have a bunch of criterions detailed on the website you have to fill in.

The main advantage is the help they give to entrepreneurs that just arrived in Israel, and as Ole Hadash, they need help regarding local guidance and the way things work in Israel.

All is said for today –

Choose wisely, and next week we’ll share more knowledge with you on those kind of hardcore accelerators out there, that will always be a good option for you to thrive in this field of technology right? As for now, we can obviously say that Israel is a place for inspiration, and they developed such a sense of great supporting community.



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